Plants. Gotta love plants. Green and colourful they bring so much pleasure and calm when we surround ourselves in them. My local woodland brings me so much pleasure when I am out walking our dog.

Plants are the original multipurpose gift. Our lives depend on them. There was an interesting study this year that looked at the diets of health care workers to see if there was a correlation between severity of Covid and their diets. Not all professional staff eat in the same way. Interestingly, those on a self-reported plant based diet or pescatarian (fish and plant based diet) were less likely to have moderate to severe Covid. https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/4/1/257

In these times, with all of us trying to do what we can, how do we get more plants into what we eat?

Recently over the summer holiday lunch club, we shared that it’s quite natural for kids to not want to eat every vegetable or fruit, but that it can take up to 20 times of trying something new to decide they do like it. So being explorers and trying new things can be a start towards increasing the diversity in what we eat.

We have written a course that can support people to make changes to their lifestyles to improve their wellbeing, despite being in challenging environments. Have a look on the website for more information about this.

Looking forward to working more with our local community to explore what we can do together to be healthy and happy.

Dr Liz Lunt

P.S. for avoidance of doubt, we support the standard medical advice issued

Director, Abound and Flourish Ltd